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Company Profile

Among the professionally run and rapidly expanding companies with interests in animal, human and plant health is Gayatri Herbals Pvt. Ltd. We were founded in 1996 and are now in our 27th year. Our mission is to reconnect people with nature. Health is a precious gift for all living beings, including humans, plants and animals. However, we have lost that balance with Mother Nature due to various factors like pollution, stress, poor eating habits, etc., which have led to various disorders in animals, plants, and humans. Knowing this, we have committed to bringing people back in touch with nature. Our products have impacted the health of people, plants and animals in this never-ending endeavour. The meaning of the word Gayatri is deeply ingrained. It refers to a mantra or a way to overcome various challenges in life. Our products, including Skin Care, Hair Care, Ayurvedic, Pet Care, Personal Care, and more, are the most secure way to maintain good health and overall wellness.

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